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Law firms Love Legal

Law firms can use us to offer a simple and effective platform for clients with simple needs, while also funneling those clients who may need tailored one-to-one support back to them.

Accountants Love Legal

As accountants deal with a lot of business owners it may be beneficial to offer their clients a platform where they can set out their business plans if they were die or lose capacity.

Financial Advisors Love Legal

Financial Advisors use love legal to retain their own clients while offering a holistic and comprehensive through the whole of their client's lifetimes.


Perfect for sole advisors

Start with...

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Lifetime Trusts
  • Advance Decisions

5 document minimum


For SMEs


  • Team Access
  • Brandable System
  • Instruction App

25 document minimum


For Enterprise


  • Introducer Portal
  • Reporter
  • In-house checking

50 document minimum


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Mission Statement

When you think of legal, love isn't usually the first emotion that jumps to mind. But why not? People can love shopping, exercising, and even getting their hair cut.

We want to change that, by making legal services easy, affordable and, dare we say, enjoyable!

So, how can we redefine the legal process which is currently in many cases slow, un-emotive, and expensive?


The Love Legal Group, encompassing business-to-business legal tech brands WillSuite and TrustSuite, is a document powerhouse specialising in estate planning and providing businesses over 100,000 legal documents per year globally including Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Advance Directives, Lifetime Trusts and more.


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